Shower Fr@zer Rich@rds

Looking up at Frazer's hairy, toned body, pert butt cheeks and dark, gloriously bushy arsehole, is a true pleasure. Peering up while hot, steamy water trickles teasingly down his skin makes it all the more horny. It feels almost wrong to be watching, peeking into such a private act. Does it make it feel even more taboo when he spontaneously pissing a hot stream of urine down the plughole?  Cum on a toothbrush and brush your teeth with it. This boy doesn't do things by halves. Barely has he been on RTG and he is already tackling challenges that other guys run a mile from. In his first wank video, Frazer strokes a sexy shot glass of cum over his toothbrush and then teases you guys with it close to his mouth. Will he really brush his teeth with his own cum? Watch and find out, then vote accordingly.

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