CHRIS - sexy wet. Super hot footage of Chris in the ocean, on the beach and showering down

Fitness Model Chris comes to AllAmericanGuys from the state of Minnesota. The 26-year-old muscle hunk is a happy go lucky, ambitious and well mannered individual who also doesn't mind showing off his great physique for the cameras. Asked to describe himself in five words, Chris says he's "self-determined and ready to excel". When asked if he considers himself a "sex symbol" he says he does not. "I don't consider myself a sex symbol... I just work very hard for what I have in life and work hard to look the way I do." We think you'll agree the way he looks is going to make him a favorite on All American Guys.But aside from his looks, Chris has a very easy going and like-able personality. He's relatively new to the world of modeling but hopes to accomplish as much as he can while there's an interest in him. Aside from modeling Chris is also a personal trainer. He says that out of all his body parts, he enjoys working his abs the most.

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