TATTOU - Richard Pierce

Richard Pierce walks across the deck and dives into the pool. The water eagerly accepts his toned and muscular body as a mouth envelopes a lover's tongue. He swims, each stroke showing off the intricate musculature of his beautiful arms and the stretch in his sides as he propels himself through the warm water. He emerges, sunlight glistening off the droplets of water that roll down his smooth skin. His handsome face may hint at a guy who's reserved but sensitive, yet his tattoo shows a wild side as it starts on his chest and snakes its way over his shoulder and down his side. He is wearing a stunning swimsuit by boyRio Swimwear that perfectly outlines his amazing ass and highlights a package that you'll be unwrapping with your eyes before he even comes close to being naked. And when he finally releases the beast from its cage he needs two hands to fully wrestle it into ...

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