Josh Harris
Josh Harris would have to be one of the sexiest guys I have ever met! Recently when I took my scooter to the garage for it’s service I met Josh who works there. The apprentice mechanic was showing me a couple of the parts they had to replace when I went back to pick it up. He mentioned that he had seen me on my website and asked about guys go about getting into a shoot. Well I couldn’t believe my ears. This hot stud in greasy overalls wanted to come and strip off for me!
So it wasn’t long before Josh dropped around and was stripping down to a jockstrap. He was pretty nervous at first. The video started out as a solo video, but after I saw his bubble butt above me my own cock was growing and I knew I wanted to eat it. I loved the moaning he made as I pushed my tongue in and out of his tight hole. My cock was so hard that I had to pull it out and shove it up his hole. Oh man this was one hot fuck! Josh drives me crazy and I hope he’ll be back shooting with me and my mates again soon.

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