Samuel Star reminds me of a casino in Las Vegas where every hour a group of Roman sculptures come to life and act out mythological stories. I could easily see him with a group of naked gay muscle hunks standing on pedestals and coming to life to act out a Roman gay orgy, all hung bodybuilders showing off their incredible bodies. Samuel spends countless hours at the gym, perfecting this mass of gluts, pecks, biceps and triceps. His incredible physique perfectly chiseled to show off every muscle group. Samuel must be something to see at the gym because even laying on the couch and working his huge handful of cock is a stunning site to watch. And when he flexes his guns you can just imagine what it would be like to have them wrapping around you as your worship every inch of his smooth skin. And when he shoots his thick creamy load you wont help but think of how the deep guttural sounds that he makes would sound perfect floating through the air as he was ramming his cock deep inside you.

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