From Beginning to End” Tells the Story of Two Brothers (Who Are Also Lovers)

From Beginning to End (Portuguese: Do Começo ao Fim) is a 2009 Brazilian drama film that premiered on November 27, 2009,[3] starring Fábio Assunção, Júlia Lemmertz, Gabriel Kaufmann, Lucas Cotrim, João Gabriel Vasconcellos and Rafael Cardoso.[4]
The film is considered low budget, not exceeding 2 million. Aluizio Abranches, creator and director of the film, took his idea for many entrepreneurs, some of them even suggested that it was a relationship between a brother and sister or heterosexual, you have to be gay himself, who was a relationship between cousins​​, but was Abranches true to his idea and not give up run it, until he got sponsorship from a small producer Marco Nanini.
The film's director claims it is not intended in any way, raise flags with this film. Although the film deals with two types of relationships that are often considered "taboo" (homosexuality and incest), Abranches said that his only intention was to show a love story, regardless of conditions.

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