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a raw, graffiti styled, depiction of gay love.
Vandals by Simon Steuri
This raw, graffiti styled, depiction of gay love focuses on the leader of a gang of street artists, a man more concerned with putting on a hetero face to the outside world, than showing affection in the direction of his boyfriend. Tired of their closeted relationship, Johannes finally heads for the door, paint sprays packed. Only can graffiti draw them back together?

In a work in which the masked identities of the graffiti artists, is but a mirror of hidden homosexuality within the ranks, director Simon Steuri has weaved a tale around sexual outing. Yet whilst its gritty cinematic tone adds to the rawness of the piece, it feels somewhat cold, even detached, that of a pair of lovers committed to their art, but unable to commit to each other outside of the safety of their apartment and paintings. But then, is coming out, particular at street gang level, ever that easy?

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