Naked Boys Singing

Imagine inviting ten gorgeous, intelligent, creative and quite naked men into your living room for an evening's entertainment! That's what Funny Boy Films (Latter Days) has done with this superb filmed performance of the famed staged musical review. After 2,500 performances worldwide since 1998, we're finally giving all you gay boys a chance to see this wonderful review in the comfort of your own home. Bringing a stage show to film is a challenge, and we think they've done a sparkling job adding several wonderful flourishes to create a vastly entertaining evening of music and naked men!
The seventeen songs are strung together like twinkling Christmas lights on a branch, connected by the hotties and the pop, perky tunes you'll be humming all the next day. Having seen the show a few years ago in Provincetown, I found all my favorite songs sounded just as sweet now as then. "Gratuitous Nudity" is performed by the whole company which gives you a chance to check all the boys out. At first it's disarming to see so many naked men on stage in a non-sexual way, and then it's just wonderful. "The Naked Maid" is about one man's time cleaning houses naked for rich gay men. "The Bliss of Bris" celebrates a circumcision ceremony as the gathered family admires the young man's penis! "Window to Window" is a particular favorite as two men do a striptease for each other across a courtyard or street. Poignant and sexy, this song uses the nudity not as a gimmick, but as a plot point. The cast is a multi-talented, racially diverse group of singers, dancers and actors including Kevin Stea (Madonna?s "Blonde Ambition" tour) and original stage cast member Vincent Zamora, who bare it all, just for your pleasure!

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