In sixteen short minutes a professional and exceptionally talented ensemble of director, actors cinematographer, editor and musician present a surprisingly in-depth and sensitive glimpse at how emotion, passion and choice affect and shape the dynamics of a human relationship. The work of the lead actors Murray Bartlett and Daniel Dugan is so tight that the synergy of their eyes and body language could have easily conveyed the story line without a spoken line of dialogue. The direction is razor sharp and the cinematography of James Adolphus, editing by Michael Furth and original music by Harel Shachal and Anistar round out the success of this little gem. The quality of the vid is exceptionally good. Take the time to give this a look. Nice work and a credit to thegenre.                                                                                                            Two former lovers meet after a long time apart. Troy (Murray Bartlett) is the "Golden Boy", the one who left. Thomas (Daniel Dugan) is the quiet one, who was left behind. Now, years later, they can finally observe each other and unravel. Romanticized as a fruit of their desire and imagination, the film plays out as a fleeting moment as the two men briefly  reunite to reminisce and unload, revisiting the choices they have made and ridding themselves of the weight that had accumulated. Nuanced, bittersweet and heartfelt, the film is an intimate look at the encounter of these men as they examine what was and what may be. And whether at all.

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