Cosmo Jarvis is a new type of artist for whom the world will never be enough, he is a songwriter and singer, but he is also a filmmaker narrator poet iconoclast Jessica Alba enthusiast and champion of equal treatment of gay pirates, he is an ordinary teenager with extraordinary talent

His heroes are as varied as the art he produces every day, John Lennon Robin Williams Jim Carrey, Terry Gilliam Jerry Garcia, Samuel L Jackson, Jamie Fox, Will Smith, George Lucas, River Phoenix Joaquin Phoenix Maximus Decimus Mohammed Ali Peridius Harrison Ford, Robert De Niro, Elliot Smith and Frank Zappa

And he quickly became a hero to others not least the Wall Of Sound MD Mark Jones, who will be releasing Cosmo's self-titled debut album "Cosmo Jarvis "in November" Cosmo is without a shadow of doubt the most talented I have ever encountered in all my years in music, "he says" Every day I am blown away by his natural ability and depth of musical and lyrical content he really have been blessed with an ability to speak for people of all ages and backgrounds and have an incredible future ahead of him, I hope the world is ready "

Cosmo was born in 1990 in Ridgewood New Jersey makes the transition to Devon, England as a child maybe it was because it there was mu...
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